Vladimir G. Ivanović

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I'm a 20 year software industry veteran who specializes in Unix, networking appliances, and real-time or embedded products. I've worked building software or system development tools as an engineer, a manager, a technical or product marketeer, and more recently, as a product manager.

My wide experience in software development and marketing means that I can be effective in a product management position immediately, and that I am the ideal person to manage the entire life cycle  of a product. My goal is to bring to market profitable, wildly successful and way cool products ... and to have fun doing it.

Some of the products I have worked on in various capacities include a Linux-based network appliance, virtualization software for mobile devices, an automated testing tool for embedded software, real-time messaging middleware and an integrated software development environment for Solaris.

I've taught courses in Unix system programming, analysis of algorithms, data structures, and Java to college and UC Extension students. I hold a BS in Computer Science and a MS in Computer Engineering. In the Summer of 2010, I created and taught a course on High-Tech Product Management and Marketing. The syllabus for the course is here.

When not working, I participate in the development of XEmacs, a powerful and extensible open source text editor, travel to exotic places, read lots of non-fiction, and enjoy the outdoors to its fullest. I'm looking forward to introducing my two children to rock climbing, a passion of mine for many years.