Technical Publications, Courses Taught & Open Source Work 

Technical Publications

  • I wrote a technical white paper, Using Java in Embedded Systems, Circuit Cellar Ink, #102 January 1999 ( PDF) that talks about the problems of moving desktop Java to an embedded environment.
  • I wrote the original version of Encapsulation in JSCP - a Threading Model for the Embedded Environment, (PDF) which explains the architecture and advantages of NSIcom's JVM for the embedded environment. NSIcom Ltd. is a vendor of JVMs for embedded use.
  • AspectJ is a seamless extension to Java that adds aspect-oriented capabilities, and the AspectJ FAQ, that I edited and contributed to, introduces users to AspectJ.
  • I presented to the Mountain View Java Users Group on the internals of the Java Virtual Machine.

Courses Taught

During the Summer of 2010, I taught a course on product management

Even though, as a last-minute substitute, I created and developed the course material in "real-time", I still got great evaluations from my students. The syllabus for the course is here.

I developed and taught three Java courses for both the University of California, Berkeley and Santa Cruz Extensions:

I taught upper division undergraduates in the Mathematics and Computer Science Department at the University of California, Hayward:
In the Summer of 2010, I was asked at the last minute to teach High-Tech Product Management and Markeing. Because of my knowledge of and experience in high-tech product management, I was able to create the course in record time and still earn high scores from my students. The syllabus for the course is here.

Open Source Work

I am a long-time user and advocate of XEmacs.  I've been involved in testing XEmacs, and while I was at Sun Microsystems, I managed Sun's XEmacs effort.


I have been acknowledged as contributing to:

While working at Sun Microsystems, I invented a novel (ahem) way of testing GUI programs which resulted in a patent.